Jakob Balogh

Composer, Musician, Audio Engineer & Producer from Munich, Germany.



Jakob was born in Munich, Germany on November 10, 1989. Jakob—who studied at SAE Institute Munich—released two albums and worked as a producer, musician and audio engineer before starting to compose for commercial, TV and film. In 2017 he composed music for an Amazon Prime Trailer which featured Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed Origins” and got nominated at the German Commercial Awards 2018 (Deutscher Werbefilmpreis) for best cinematography.

In Juli 2018 he won his first award for Best Original Score with his Soundtrack for the short film “The Crack” at the Global Film Festival in Los Angeles.



  • In April he composed a score for Julien Pohl’s short film “I do me” which featured boxer Kevin Gyameschie and won a trophy for Best Original Score at the Florence Film Awards in May 2019.
  • In January 2019 Jakob composed a song for HFF Munich’s film “Be Inspired” (School for Film & Television). In the same month he wrote a piece for a Charité Berlin commercial.


  • In winter 2018 he wrote a piece for the official cinema advertising: “SWM – Der Puls unserer Stadt”, for a public utility company based in Munich.
  • In August 2018 he composed a score for RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). The spot was released on National Dog Day 2018.
  • In Juli 2018 he won an award for Best Original Score with his Soundtrack for Marko Roth’s short film “The Crack” at the Global Film Festival in Los Angeles.
  • In spring 2018 he produced music for two TAG Heuer commercials.
Filmcomposer Jakob Balogh / Filmkomponist

Composer for Film, TV, Games & Media

 Early Years

Jakob Balogh was born in Munich, Germany, on November 10, 1989. Jakob got in touch with music very early and started taking classical piano lessons at a young age. He attended the SAE Institute in Munich and studied audio engineering from 2010-2013.

After three years of studying, Balogh was employed at Jazzclub “Unterfahrt”, where he worked as a live technician & mixing engineer with various musicians. One of his most special moments there was working with a big band conducted by Al Porcino, who is known for working with Frank Sinatra back in the days.

Before deciding to write music for moving image, Jakob toured with his band, composed instrumentals and wrote lyrics for various pop and hip hop artists in Germany.


“People often told me my music sounds more like movie scores than anything else! That’s when I realized how limited I was in expressing myself with pop & hip hop instrumentals and from that moment on I put all my energy and focus into film music and orchestrating.”



-Florence Film Awards 2019  – WINNER Best Original Score (May 19)

-Global Film Festival Awards 2018  – WINNER Best Original Score (June 18)

-Independent Shorts Awards 2018  – SILVER AWARD Best Original Score


-Los Angeles CineFest 2018  – SEMI-FINALIST Film Score

-European Cinematography Awards  2018  – SEMI-FINALIST Best Original Score

-Los Angeles Film Awards 2018  – OFFICIAL SELECTION Best Score

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