iTravel – Phone Home

iTravel – Phone Home

For some time, I’ve had the opportunity to create films for a German travel agency. Together with a team of talented creatives and friends I’ve been fortunate to travel across the globe to 10 countries, creating a single film for each destination. From flying painstakingly close to Mount Everest to watching a fully grown lion passing centimetres away from our car in South Africa, I’ve been able to collect some truly unforgettable moments.

Only now, four years later have I been able to produce a film which so accurately encapsulates how I feel about travel. Introducing my new piece “Phone Home”.

Director: Marko Roth
Camera Operators: Moritz Dehler, Tobi Schnorpfeil, Simon Fessler, Lennart Lahrs, Jonas Hofmann, Marko Roth
Talents: Linda Ambrosius, Eva Englert, Vivien Schwarz, Malik Wagner, Florian Kleinsteuber, Lucas Beutler, Lynn Von Der Mehden
Copywriter: Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus
Editor & Sound Design: David Herbst
Colorist: Marina Starke
Voice Over: Josephine Nguyen
Record Studio: The Sound Shack
Music composed by: Jakob Balogh

Filmed in South Africa, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Greece, Morocco, Oman, Argentina, Chile and Bonaire.

Special thanks to Simon & Paul.

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