Mercedes Benz – New Decade New Heroes

Here is our spot for Mercedes eSports. Daimler AG is sponsor for ESL events for MOBA games like League of Legends and DOTA2. This is the official 90 sec Trailer for the eSport events 2020.

Creation, Directing: Directors Duo – Christopher Schlierf, Benjamin Kratzin
Production Company: Hawkins & Cross
Producer: Bruno Fritzsche
PA: Josefin Dobirr, Ansgar Wörner
DOP: Benjamin Kratzin
Gaffer: Christian Slezak
AC: Nicolas Jansky, Tino Richter
Agency: LOCAVI, Dr. Ferdinand Froning, Tobias Haasis, Sarah Heimerdinger
Cast: Katharina Ronja Brusa, Daniel Hesse, Matthias Mayer, Arnold Tok, Anamika,
Music: Jakob Balogh
Sounddesign: Nicolas Jansky
Post Production, Edit, VFX: Directors Duo
Color Grading: Directors Duo

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